Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART)

Project Info

Client Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART)

Project Description

CWF scouts are experienced in using SMART software on handheld devices, while out on patrol, to record matters of interest (e.g. snares, carcasses, firearms discovered) with a GPS stamp. This information is then downloaded onto a computer, once back at camp, to build a database. SMART also tracks the routes taken by the APUs. The data is then evaluated and used by the Field Coordinator to help in planning patrols and possible reactions. Regular trainingto keep the scouts up to date with SMART is kindly facilitated by PANTHERA, who also supplied the initial training and equipment.

Monthly security reports are generated by SMART. The tables below show summaries of SMART data logged by CWF personnel for the period 1 January – 31 December 2019. The map, generated by SMART, depicts the foot and vehicle patrol coverage for the year.

Patrol Summary

Transport type Number of patrols Distance (km) Number of patrol hours
Foot 625 6,785.3 2,744
Vehicle 346 16,084.9 1,244


Number of Poaching Incidents

Number of arrests Number of traps & snares Number of cyanide incidents Number of poachers camps Number of carcasses Total bush meat confiscated (kg) Number of ivory confiscations Number of other wildlife parts
6 462 3 3 128 60 1 1


Elephant Poaching Summary

Number of elephants shot Number of elephants snared Number of elephants poisoned Number of elephant deaths by natural causes  Number of elephant deaths due to predation Number of elephant deaths due to unknown causes
1 1 2 19

Map: SMART-generated map of 2019 foot and vehicle patrols combined