The Chilli Gun

When an elephant gets too accustomed to humans and becomes a problem – raiding crops or coming dangerously close to humans to get at food...
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CWF’s fire-fighting equipment

In order to be better equipped to fight the fires that will inevitably come, we appealed via social media for donations to purchase a CHAINSAW...
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Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART)

CWF scouts are experienced in using SMART software on handheld devices, while out on patrol, to record matters of interest (e.g. snares, carcasses, firearms discovered)...
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Anti Poaching Bases The CWF Kennedy Anti Poaching Unit (APU) base is on the Kennedy Annex concession, which is leased from National Railways of Zimbabwe...
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Guarding of Kennedy Siding Boom Gate

At the request of ZPWMA, there is a CWF scout guarding the boom gate at Kennedy Siding day and night, year round. This entrance to...
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Grab a Bag Campaign

The “Grab a Bag” bin bag initiative, started by CWF in partnership with ZimParks, has been very successful at reducing the litter in the Park. People...
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